De rol

Calculating the most beautiful civil works of hardwood (100% bio-based), LVL and CVT mainly in Europe and being closely involved in the realization. Working in a dynamic and specialist organisation where impressive projects are realised on the basis of collaboration. That is working at Wijma Kampen B.V. Are you excited?

What will you be doing?
You will succeed the current senior structural engineer who will retire in the coming year. He will train you and pass on much of his extensive and specialist knowledge to you. After that you will take over the role, but you can also still build on experienced colleagues, including another structural engineer, and knowledge that is available within the organization.

In response to incoming requests, mainly from contractors, municipalities and provinces, you will answer the question of how the structure should be built to meet the wishes of the customer and the requirements as stated in laws and regulations. These are often very complex, innovative and aesthetic designs, which are challenging to realize.

You usually work on one or two large projects at a time and also have to deal with small projects or short questions that you pick up in the meantime (e.g. small bridge or component to be replaced).

Large projects are new bridges and locks that usually consist of a combination of wood and steel.
In the proposal phase you will work on:
–    Study specifications and requirements in the contract;
–    Thinking about the design and making global calculations (SCIA Engineer and Wijma calculation models);
–    Making sketches and designing in 3D or transferring work to a draughtsman;
–    Attuning wishes and requirements to technical possibilities with the client and/or architect and commercial colleague.

In addition to technical specifications, budgets and logistics, you take into account environmental factors (such as available workspace and buildings), risks, landscape and aesthetics.

In the assignment phase: 
–    Calculating the design in detail and drawing it out further, taking into account the manufacturability (possibilities of the machines at Wijma and practicality in assembly). A draughtsman draws up the production and assembly drawings;
–    Coordinating with work planners and the manager who directs production;
–    Regular presence in the factory during production;
–    If necessary, you make adjustments, do the calculations or make adjustments.

The best part is that you get to see the manufactoring of your ideas and the end result!

Location: Kampen, the Netherlands

Wat ga je doen?


Wat is vereist?

–    Passion for civil engineering;
–    Completed technical HBO or WO education;
–    Experience as a structural engineer
–    Experience with 3D drawing software, preferably AutoCAD.

Personal characteristics
As a specialist you enjoy using your knowledge and experience to add value to complex bridge constructions. In the dynamics of projects you keep an overview, identify bottlenecks and monitor deadlines.

You are the technical conscience of the organization and can oversee the consequences of certain choices. You take responsibility for your work. Safety, quality and technical feasibility are always above everything else for you.

You are accurate, structured, decisive and professional. You have good communication skills and in contacts with colleagues you are involved and collaborative. You support the principle of a circular economy and are happy to contribute to it.


  • Standplaats Kampen
  • 40-urige werkweek
  • Passion for civil engineering
  •  Completed technical HBO or WO education
  • Experience as a structural engineer
  • Experience with 3D drawing software, preferably AutoCAD


Werken bij Hupkes Wijma in Kampen

Our client, Hupkes Wijma BV (hereafter HWBV), is a stockholding importer and producer of hardwood and hardwood structures for wet infrastructure and outdoor space in general. These include piles, sheet piling, purlins, customised cutlery timber, shoring, dragline bulkheads, bridges, lock gates, galleries, cold store and tank blocks, sleepers and switch timbers as well as recycled products.

HWBV (2021) was created by the merger of Wijma Kampen BV (1897) with Hupkes Houthandel Dieren BV (1917). This now makes HWBV the European market leader in this niche market with the largest and most varied stock and its own supply channels from all over the world. With their own sawmill, planing mill and CNC processing machines, they are able to accurately process all types of wood in all sizes according to the customer’s wishes. With around 120 colleagues, they devise, produce and install any product the market requires.

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