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Do you have a network in the world of architects or do you have the ability to build one? Are you a world citizen for whom an appointment with, for example, a real estate developer in the United Kingdom or Egypt is no problem at all? Do you have a technical/physical background, do you have commercial skills and do you have a thing for design and aesthetics? Then Metadecor is looking for you! 

You are responsible for increasing the brand awareness of Metadecor among architects, project developers, real estate entrepreneurs, etc. who have international customers and realize requests for international projects. 

You will position Metadecor as the technical specialist in the field of design facades. For the network that you have built up, it will be natural that Metadecor takes care of the technical design and makes the realization of high-profile facades technically feasible from a constructional perspective. This also means that you will be setting up Metadecor's international online positioning, including a new Metadecor website that tells a different story than the Dutch version. Metadecor has unique, specialist knowledge; and you are going to sell it! 

Because you speak the language of the architect, you know exactly what he needs. You make it clear that the necessary knowledge can be found at Metadecor and that the customer is completely freed of all engineering-related concerns. From a concept and design, you make a concrete plan on site. You also make it clear that Metadecor can take full responsibility for the supply chain for the delivery of a complete package of facade elements, fixing materials and working drawings at the project site, so that the assembly proceeds smoothly.

You don't win an order on price, but through Metadecor's story. You know better than anyone how to convey Metadecor's added value in relation to other parties. Especially with regard to technical complexity, you have the knowledge to perfectly fit together technology and design. Naturally, you have a feel for prices and contracts and you win clearly formulated orders, under appropriate conditions, for a realistic price and with sufficient margin.

You make sure that you are on the radar of Dutch architects working for international clients, that you are aware of upcoming construction projects worldwide and you represent Metadecor (as a participant and a visitor) at (international) trade fairs and network meetings. You build up relationships with the right people, show what Metadecor does and organize reference visits. By your way of telling your story, you create an experience and connect with the creativity of your conversational partner. 

Standplaats: Kampen

What will you do?


Wat is vereist?

Job requirements

  • A completed HBO or WO education, preferably in the field of architecture;
  • Extensive experience in a commercial technical role; 
  • A link with the Netherlands through study, partner or (current) job;
  • Very good knowledge of the English language both verbally and in writing;
  • Willing to travel internationally on a regular basis for several days/weeks in a row. 

Personal characteristics
You can tell stories, create experiences and you speak the language of the architect, developer and real estate entrepreneur. Within the truth, you tell them what they want to hear. Because you have sufficient technical knowledge, you know what you are talking about and can formulate complete and realistic assignments and offers. You easily connect with others, create goodwill and do not win contracts through sales skills, but through the connection you make with the architect.

As the second sentence indicates, you are a citizen of the world. This means that you easily connect with various cultures, quickly know where and with whom you need to be and have no problem at all with regularly taking the plane to be able to speak to exactly the right person. 

•    You think see the bigger picture without overlooking important details;

  • You are analytical and numerate; 
  • You have knowledge of materials; 
  • You follow developments in the field closely; 
  • You have good communication skills; 
  • You are representative, customer-oriented and have a commercial attitude. 

Finally, you are a team player who likes to contribute to the success and growth of Metadecor. 


  • Standplaats Kampen
  • -urige werkweek
  • Technisch Commercieel
  • Completed HBO or WO education
  • Bereid om internationaWilling to travel internationallyal te reizen
  • Very good knowledge of the English language


Werken bij MetaDecor

Working at Metadecor
Our client, Metadecor from Kampen, invents, designs, delivers and assembles high-profile facades. Metadecor stands for functional design in new and/or existing architecture. Through innovative use of materials, the development of original concepts and the connecting role in collaborations, Metadecor has a unique position in the niche market in which it is active.

Metadecor employs approximately 30 well-trained professionals on a permanent basis. In addition, the organization works with a poule of temporary workers. They work together closely and everyone contributes equally with their own knowledge and talents. The goal is to create something special for the customer together. The culture within Metadecor can be described as technically and aesthetically innovative, no-nonsense, informal and collegial.

ca. 30 colleagues
high-profile facades
No-nonsense, informal & collegial
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