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Do you enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology, communication and project management? Are you interested in innovative techniques and do you want to contribute to making waste-to-energy fully circular? Then come and work as a mechanical manager projects at Blue Phoenix!

What are you going to do?
You play an important role in the construction of new plants at home and abroad and the expansion of existing plants. These plants use both dry and wet reprocessing techniques.
You work on projects from a few hundred thousand to several million euros, and for large projects you report to a project manager. You mainly work at the office in Rotterdam, but you also occasionally travel to existing plants in the Netherlands and internationally to locations where new plants are being built.

You are closely involved from the start in both new construction and expansion of existing plants. For expansion questions you can regularly be found at the various locations of Blue Phoenix. You inventory needs, walk around and assess the existing installation. Based on this, you draw up an action plan with recommendations for adjustments or extensions, supported by 3D drawings. You make and give presentations to the operational team in consultation with the plant manager, in order to create support and to bring people along.

You also prepare investment proposals for the board, including risk analysis, planning and budgeting. Your role is always to find the connection between feasibility, optimization and costs and to find the right balance here. If all stakeholders agree, you will start implementing the project independently or under the direction of a project manager, within the set time and budget.

Technical execution
You are responsible for the technical implementation of the project and work closely with the process engineers who make the block diagrams and functional description. You translate all this information into a detailed P&ID, including technical calculations, 3D drawings, flowcharts, diagrams and other visualizations.

Based on this, you determine all the necessary components and request quotes from suppliers. You assess drawings and quotations and then work these out into budgets including associated hours. You always ensure that stakeholders remain connected, that steps are completed correctly and that the project is carried out within the set time and budget. You close the project with a FAT or SAT test.
In short, a function with a lot of variety; different locations, various internal and external contacts, diversity in projects and the alternation between technology and communication. 

Standplaats: Rotterdam

What will you do?


Wat is vereist?

What are you bringing?

  • A completed relevant bachelor’s degree(+) education in a technical direction;
  • Relevant experience in the technical implementation of comparable projects;
  • Experience in a relevant production environment, eg bulk handling, dredging, recycling or related;
  • Good command of the English language in word and writing;
  • Experience with Inventor or a similar drawing program is a plus.

Who are you?
You have a structured working method and you keep an overview. You like to be in control yourself and you bring a project step by step and thoughtfully to the best result. Making independent decisions suits you well; you are decisive and solution-oriented. You are stress resistant and able to switch quickly.

You are result-oriented and your analytical skills enable you to quickly see where improvement is possible. You can quickly convert this information into useful reports, overviews, schedules, budgets and workflows.

In your communication with different types of people with different interests you are able to connect and bring them closer together. You make contact easily and like to get into new situations. Giving presentations in front of a group is no problem for you, you are able to do this convincingly in a professional manner.

A role in which both your technical and communication skills come in handy will appeal to you.

Above all, you enjoy working in an innovative environment in which you contribute to a sustainable future.


  • Standplaats Rotterdam
  • 40-urige werkweek
  • Technisch Management


Werken bij Blue Phoenix Group

Working at Blue Phoenix Group

This is what Blue Phoenix Group stands for:

The ash in our company comes from energy companies that process waste. These so-called waste-to-energy factories do everything they can to extract as much as possible from waste. Despite this, ash eventually remains as residue. If this residue is not recycled, it is usually buried in a landfill.

At Blue Phoenix Group, we do not see landfills as the final destination for ash residue. No, we see new opportunities. We see materials with which to build buildings, lay highways and paving. We see metals for new cars, computers and mobile phones. And we see a future in which waste-to-energy is fully circular.

At Blue Phoenix Group we are convinced that there is no such thing as waste. With a passionate team, we help waste-to-energy companies worldwide to recycle what seems impossible to recycle. We are not alone in this mission and join forces where we can. We work closely with factories, government policy makers, regulators, engineers and scientists. Together we can contribute to a more sustainable world.

“We are Blue Phoenix working towards a sustainable future.”


“We are Blue Phoenix working towards a sustainable future.”

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