Sales engineer

metal industry - connecting link - higher professional education


In this challenging, varied role you work at the interface of sales and engineering. This new role was created after the departure of a former employee, which offered an opportunity for an organizational restructuring. The new structure should improve the handover process from sales to engineering, and make both departments better connected.

You will work in close cooperation with the sales manager and the managing director/owner who possess sound technical knowledge and bear the final responsibility for winning new contracts. Also, they will prepare some of the quotations themselves, supported by you. You spar with them about topics like ways of offering and market developments.

For each request for quotation you make an initial lay-out drawing in 2D (in the future possibly in 3D) based on the requested pipe sizes, coating, desired output and technical specifications, if available. This layout drawing is then used for drafting a technical and commercial offer. You describe all the machines that are part of the offer, discuss technical (im)possibilities with the engineering department, get an overview of internal costs, if necessary, and determine the sales prices in consultation with the sales manager and managing director/owner. Some machines are available as standard versions in a library, others need to be custom-made. When necessary, you contact the client for additional information. 

At the moment quotations are prepared with Microsoft Office software. However, specialized quoting software (Quootz) is being implemented. The new sales engineer is expected to play an important role in the implementation of this software. He needs to ensure that, before the project is sold, all information vital for a smooth handover to the engineering department (technical information) and planning department (project budgets) is available. Most machines will not be worked out in detail until the engineering phase, but to avoid major risks, a general assessment of the manufacturability of an installation needs to be made before the conclusion of the contract. You make sure there is a complete handover file and take care of the briefing with the project manager and project engineer during a project kick-off. If necessary and upon request of the project manager you make an estimate or quote for additional work occurred during the project. 

Within the organization there is a wide range of extremely complex techniques and a large amount of specialist knowledge for you to draw and learn from. 

If you are interested, there is a possibility for you to accompany the sales manager or managing director several times a year on visits to clients abroad. In addition to this, the organization offers ample opportunities for development. 


You have received extensive technical training, have an intellectual and professional level at least equivalent to having completed higher professional education, and experience in a similar role within a technical, project-driven organization. Experience with CAD 2D is required, 3D drawing skills are a plus. You have an excellent oral and written command of English. And you have a down-to-earth, ‘don't talk, but act’ mentality. 

Personality traits
You enjoy acting as the link between sales and engineering. You have a strong interest in technical matters, but are also a skilled organizer who knows how to get the right, complete information. You have strong analytical skills and a structured way of working. You also have strong communication skills and the flexibility to apply different styles; you can easily switch between discussing options with a client, a structured handover to coworkers and sparring with the sales manager. You are extremely accurate, know how to use your time efficiently and are able to keep track of the different projects you are working on. You are customer and quality oriented, but also keep practical feasibility in mind. As a true team player you enjoy working with coworkers and would like to contribute to Bauhuis’ growth and further professionalization. 


Our client is Bauhuis in Goor, a specialized designer and supplier of installations for the shipping, blasting and internal/external coating of steel pipes. These pipes are used for the construction of pipelines over land and through water for the transportation of oil and gas, as well as water. In the last 40 years, Bauhuis has built an impressive reputation with the worldwide supply of high quality installations. Many of the world's largest pipelines currently in use have been successfully coated with coating installations supplied by Bauhuis. Bauhuis is a professional player in a niche market. It has a permanent staff of around 60 employees, with a low staff turnover rate. The company culture can be described as no-nonsense, amicable and technical. More information about our client can be found on  


The entire recruitment and selection process is managed by Métier.

If you are interested in this position and meet the requirements stated in this profile, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible via our website In case of any further questions, please contact Ingobert Veen.