QC Manager Welding & Assembly

40/50 % external - international setting – varied role


In this varied role you – and an experienced co-worker – are responsible for ensuring quality specifications and standards are met during the projects’ execution phase. You monitor and observe the execution and are the first point of contact for customers in case of quality related issues. You deal with projects for both acoustic solutions (amounting to € 6.000 – several tonnes) and exhaust systems (amounting to several millions). Between the projects there are significant differences in duration, technical complexity and document burden. Manufacturing is carried out in different countries throughout the world. 

On average you spend about 40-50% of your time abroad, visiting manufacturing sites. In most cases these trips will take about one week, but on rare occasions you will also spend longer periods abroad. On visited sites you communicate with (an established group of self-employed) supervisors who carry out the welding and production inspections on site and monitor processes. You will also physically inspect the production and welding yourself. In addition, you review the documentation and the process, make reports and communicate these to the project manager and the customer. In case of serious anomalies you have the authority to shut down the manufacturing process and to release it again after rectification of the issues. In addition to project related site visits, you will also be conducting audits at the sites of new contractors. Furthermore, you coordinate the investigation of complaints and nonconformities. 

From the moment your sales colleagues make an offer to a (potential) customer, you are involved in the project. You check technical documentation supplied by the customer for deviations from standards. This information will be used in the quotation. 

After the order is placed, you prepare an Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) for production, based on the quality specifications. You describe processes, testing requirements and methods and establish a schedule for the ‘witness points’ (with or without the customer). You attend the kick-off meeting during which the ITP will also be discussed. Any observations by the project manager or the customer will be taken into account, before the ITP is sent to the contractor for production. During the project's execution stage you will remain closely involved. In case of changes, anomalies or issues you find a solution or alternative and make sure that specifications and documentation are back in order. You work in close collaboration with the contractor, project manager and supervisor. 

You deal with many international laws, documentation and reports that you have to read, review, apply or create. Communication with involved parties will mostly take place by e-mail. The working language is English, even in-house. 

Standplaats: Nunspeet


You have received extensive technical training. You also have knowledge of welding techniques (NDT, ASME, AWS and/or IWT), quality systems and international product norms and specifications. You are used to working in other cultures and have an excellent command of the Dutch and English language. 

Personality traits
You are collaborative and enjoy the challenge of a successful delivery of interesting projects, while effectively managing quality assurance. You are critical yet respectful, confident and convincing, without being dominant. You ‘know how to play the game’ of sometimes being strict and sometimes being able to adapt in order to reach a solution. You have strong linguistic and analytical skills and are able to translate information into specific, structured reports. You have a methodical, structured and thoughtful way of working. Furthermore, you have very good communication skills, enabling you to deal with all types of personalities, and constantly keeping them up to date with relevant information. You can handle the responsibility that comes with the high degree of freedom this role affords you. This means you are a self-directed, disciplined self-starter, well able to handle regular travels on your own, during which you communicate remotely with your co-workers. 


Aarding Thermal Acoustics BV is an international project organization that specializes in the worldwide delivery of acoustic solutions (Burgess-Aarding) and exhaust systems (Aarding) to customers in the energy sector and petrochemical industry. Aarding Thermal Acoustics B.V. is part of the listed CECO Environmental Corp. 

Tailor made solutions and complex turnkey projects are managed from the Nunspeet headquarters. From this location, projects including engineering, project management, contract management, procurement and quality control, are executed. A large part of the manufacturing and assembly work is outsourced to contractors in other countries, including Eastern Europe, the United States and Asia. Investments in the energy sector and the petrochemical industry within the last few years have led to the development of Aarding as an international organization. To support this growth, sales offices have been established in Singapore and the United States. 

Aarding feels strongly about flexibility, proactivity and short communication lines. At the moment, Aarding employs 40 people. 


Applying for this position
The entire recruitment and selection process is managed by Métier.

If you are interested in this position and meet the requirements stated in this profile, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible through our website www.metier.nl. If you have any further questions, please contact Ingobert Veen. An assessment will be part of the recruitment process.