Product- and Processtechnologist (HBO/Academic)

innovative technologies – conceptual – international environment


In this broad, challenging and varied role you work at the R&D department and are involved in a variety of larger and smaller projects. You work together closely with the managing director and R&D manager, you report to the latter.
The projects you are involved in all focus on production process optimisation or improving products. In this role you are the key between client demands, quality standards and the production process. Based on an issue, you are expected to come up with a conceptual idea how to further investigate or solve the issues. You substantiate your idea’s with theoretical models. Techniques you come across most often are mechanical engineering, electronics, operation technology and measure- and control technology. You are able to combine these techniques in order to come up with a creative solution, which you will then translate into a practicable test. Subsequently you will set up the test, sometimes in cooperation with an external party such as a design- or machine building company. After this you are deeply involved in the proof of principal phase in which the theoretical model is tested and you view if the test results deliver relevant information. You design and build the test setup, including schedules and drawings, along with the technical service of Axxor. Then you validate the testing method, analyse the results and come up with innovative but realistic and practicable solutions.
You are also involved in the phase of translating the solution onto the machine in the factory. You regularly visit (international) clients to help adjusting the line, implementing test setups within the production line, but also look around and detect and define potential improvements. During these visits you work with several points of contacts, such as product specialists but also operators. During this phase you will be abroad for several days until several weeks at a time.
In your role you are also involved in product development for new applications, mainly in the automotive industry. In the development phase you brainstorm with the R&D centre of mainly OEM’s

Standplaats: Zwolle


You have a rounded technical education on HBO/Academic level, potentially complemented with some working experience. You have excellent English language skills and preferably also speak German. You are seriously considering relocating to the Netherlands and are willing to move to the Zwolle area.
Personal characteristics
You are an energetic, decisive person with ambition and drive. You are curious by nature and creatively handle issues and come up with solutions by thinking out of the box. You use your own knowledge for this but also cleverly use the available knowledge within the company. You have excellent communication skills and easily connect with people from different levels, cultures and backgrounds. In this you have authenticity and radiate this to others, making you credible and consistent in your behaviour. You are capable of thinking on a conceptual level, but easily translate this into a practical and realistic plan. You have strong analytic skills and are able to handle changing circumstances proactively. A free role in which you work result- and solution driven suits you. You look at this role as an adventure, a certain level of flexibility fits your lifestyle.


Our client is Axxor in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Axxor is an international company with a large market share in Europe. They produce paper honeycomb in Zwolle, Poland and the USA. Their honeycomb is used as core material in the automotive- and furniture industries. Axxor’s strategy aims for Customer Intimacy and differentiates with Operational Excellence. In close cooperation with their clients and partners they offer technical solutions in existing and new markets that focus on light weight materials and structures.
The production location and headquarters in Zwolle employs approximately 80 people, with a total of 140 employees in total for the company.


The entire recruitment and selection process is handled by Métier.
If you are interested in this position and you meet the requirements, please get in touch with us as soon as possible through our site If you have any questions, please get in touch with Deborah Marcus.