Manager engineering (relocation Poland)

steel construction– structuring – Tekla knowledge


In this new function you will be responsible for the (further) forming and managing of the department Engineering in Zielona-Gora, Poland. Before, the drawing was outsourced but nowadays a team of engineers has been recruited that will do the drawing in Poland also for external customers.

From a cooperative role you lead the department in a relaxed yet clear manner and you are responsible for the formation, growth and efficiency of this department. In your position the focus is on the sharing of knowledge and the consolidating of the methods and knowledge in standards and procedures. You also stimulate the employees to think about smart and efficient drawing, in which they take into account the amounts of materials used, the amount of edits and the editing order in the workshop. If necessary you will also draw by yourself. You have a coordinating role and you make use of the knowledge and expertise of your co-workers and make decisions where necessary. You also introduce new drawing programmes, procedures and methods such as SolidWorks, Revit, 3D BIM and the making of strength calculations. You are a leader and specialist, you train and develop your employees. You are the person they ask questions, their coach and their process manager, you bring organisation and margin- and timekeeping (by planning, stressing efficiency and the making of before and after calculations) with the goal of satisfying customers and employees alike.


You have completed a relevant technical college education and have experience in a similar leading function within a professional project organisation, preferably in the metal industry. You have excellent written and spoken knowledge of Polish and English. Dutch and German are a pre. You also have an extensive technical knowledge and experience with Tekla and preferably also with SolidWorks, Revit and 3D BIM. You have experience with western European standards. 

Personal features
You are a connecting ‘peoplemanager’ and you fulfil an inspiring and motivating role in the organisation through your enthusiasm and personal approach. You like a challenge and you like managing technically and organisationally complex projects. While doing this you show initiative, vision and guts, but you can also think in risks and problems and you can put things into perspective. You also have strongly developed analytical capabilities which allow you to separate main issues from side issues without losing out on important details. You are stable and thorough, and are not afraid to make decisions. You can lead your co-workers in a positive, cooperative, coaching and inspiring manner.


Smulders Polska in Zielona-Gora (southwestern Poland) is a part of GS Staalwerken Groep. The company focusses on producing, conserving, transporting and installing steel constructions. Customers are usually part of the industrial and construction sectors where steel constructions are mostly delivered to large companies. Steel constructions for stadiums, logistical centres and production halls are examples of this. A lot is also delivered to the offshore industry, for example secondary components of wind turbine foundations. The steel constructions are produced in cooperation with partners in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Smulders Polska is a quickly growing operation with a 15,000,000 Euro turnover and production locations in Chocianów and in Zielona-Gora. At the moment the company has a total employee count of about 150 people. This number will keep on growing, now and in the future. The distinctiveness of Smulders Polska lies in her production capacity and the short delivery times. Smulders Polska is a reliable and experienced partner that produces most of its products internally and manages the entire process within their own administration; from production to montage through only one contact person. Ambition, pride, craftsmanship, loyalty and pragmatism are the core values of the company. For more information about our client, please visit


The full recruitment and selection process is provided by Métier. If you are interested in this function and you meet the requirements please react quickly by way of our site If you have any questions you can contact Ingobert Veen.