relocation to Holland – agri technique – well educated


Within this challenging and various function, you will have a great diversity of tasks concerning the development and production of innovative conversion lines of the agriculture and food sector. You will be working for clients with specific demands regarding the mode of production, production capacity, output and locations where installations are being placed. 

After the general or account manager has made a first inventory, you will elaborate his input with the use of flowcharts and/or 3D installation plans. You contribute to the quality of the provided solution. If necessary, you will assist measuring the installations. The installation plan is the foundation of the calculations and therefore the offer. 

You will then translate the acquired information into offer sketches of machines, machine parts and installation plans. For your client, you will visualize your drafts by designing 3D sketches. You will determine what materials to use and make work drawings for the shop floor. During the design and drawing process, you will regularly be in contact with your client to work out details and adjust potential changes. You will come up with solutions for challenging issues that clients may have.  

Once the client agrees on the order and the productions starts, you participate in elaborating and realizing the project with the project team. You come up with ideas and make proposals to professionalize the quality and the presentation of the solution. As a company, we continuously strive for innovation in thinking and doing. While working on the designs of the production drafts, you challenge yourself to optimize the functional characteristics of the design and to minimalize the production costs. You also play a part in providing manuals containing work instructions that are given to the client along with the machines and installations.

Besides, you take up the developments and the designs of new innovative conversion lines for the agricultural and food sector in a very structured, systematic and well considered manner. You will research and elaborate ideas in the field of mechatronics, hydraulic and control engineering. You will also be engaged in innovations regarding the mechanics of the whole line. You will research the possibilities to improve the accessibility of machine parts during maintenance and to simplify currently existing machines and the use of other materials. You are responsible for the technical elaboration of new designs and ideas.

To the colleagues at your department and working place you are an encyclopedia. You will think along to improve the internal work processes at the engineering department.

D.T. Dijkstra is a growing organization with enough opportunity. After ability has been proven, you can work your way up to a more coordinating and commercial role, such as a project manager or R&D-engineer. This depends on your talents and ambitions. 


You have a rounded technical education, preferably mechanical engineering, and work experience in a similar function. You have great experience working with 3D-drawkit and PDM-systems. Experience with Solid Works or Hicad is preferred. You have great knowledge of the English language. Besides, you have affinity with the agricultural sector. You live in The Netherlands or are willing to move on short notice and learn the Dutch language. 

Personal characteristics 
You are comfortable with having a various role. You are able to translate a client’s wish to technical, innovative designs and great at switching between different projects and clients. You are technically innovative, able to have supervision and monitor your timeline. Because of your wide technical knowledge and spacious aptitude, you are able to carry out projects effectively and efficiently. Innovation, quality, solution-driven, hands-on and client-oriented are priority to you. You enjoy working intensively with colleagues but are also great working independently. You have great quality awareness and the sentence ‘a deal is a deal’ comes naturally to you. Furthermore, you are communicative and able to achieve goals, internally and externally, in a pleasant and cooperatively aimed manner. 

You are passionate about the newest technologies and have the drive and creativity to make these new developments applicable to installations of D.T. Dijkstra. You get your energy from inventing and applying ideas regarding technical innovation, excellent quality, (cost-)effectiveness, outsourcing and suppliers. 


Our client D.T. Dijkstra has had a great reputation in the food processing and agricultural industry for 90 years. Their clients are large domestic, as well as foreign, industrial production and agriculture companies. D.T. Dijkstra develops and produces its own machines that are used to process bulb and root vegetables. The designing and manufacturing of washing, sorting, transporting and bunker installations take place within our client’s company. D. T. Dijkstra has circa 30 employees. 

The following words are the best way to describe the corporate culture: loyal, professional, enthusiastic, customer directed, innovative and ‘aspiring to be the best’.


The total recruitment- and selection course is in care of Métier.

If you are interested in this function and you meet the requirements, respond via our website as soon as possible. For questions, contact Ingobert Veen.